Monday, October 18, 2004

---quick--> raodnm t h o u g h t s

When you wake up 30 minutes late than your usual waking up time on a Monday morning, all you can munch is a quick breakfast. If after a long, tiring party night you still need to come to the office or school the following day, a quick slumber is all you need to withstand the day. When you wake up 30 minutes late on a Monday morning and last night you had a really long party night and you're still going to work or school AND you are horny, you'll grab your mate and run around a quickie.

You wanted to say so many incoherent things about yourself in just one post but you lack the time and the fleeting creativity to pull it off, you just do a quick, random post just like this.

I'm in a badminton craze once and again. Our company's joining this inter-company sort of a sportsfest and I'm playing in. I just got a new pair of Adidas badminton shoes. I've been treating my sneaker badly when I play using it.

I miss watching DVDs. I have City of God and Fahrenheit 9/11 linep up for a spin. Time I need!

It's amazing how you can be happy one second and feel the exact opposite the next and feel nice again later and be sad again not too long after. Cruel cycle of things.

I think I'm getting better with my smashing and dropping skills. What irks me is that the shuttlecock often hit the net when I smash with more force. I dunno. When you thought it will be a score, the stupid shuttle gets trapped by the darn net. Aaarrggh.

No matter how much you tell yourself that happiness is a personal, internal, it's-your-choice thing, you meet people whom you're going to depend your happiness on.

I crush the badminton buddy no more. He's gonna be my doubles partner in the competition though.

I miss my college dorm barkada. Tsk.

I love the Nivea Aftershave Balm. No more nicks after shaving. Teehee.

I'm bookless now. Well not really 'cause I borrowed an office friend's Calvin and Hobbes. It's a comic book about a stubborn but ever-so-witty toddler and his tiger stuff toy that turns to a real tiger when the two are just by themselves. Oh I love Calvin's personality. He's your stubborn kiddo who hates school and taking baths yet he's overflowing with brain and humor no 6-year old will have. And he wants to always be free from the imposing civilization he lives in. He enjoys loitering in the wildnerness, riding his cart off a hill, camping, time travelling (haha) and all those bumming stuff of course with his best buddy Hobbes. I wanna be Calvin when I grow... down!

There's this moneymaking opportunity that's brewing for me. Hmmm, I hope I hope!

I finished the last 200 pages or so of Angels and Demons in one night. Same thing that happened when I read The Da Vinci Code way back.

I want to buy The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album, dubbed as the best R&B album ever!

Last movie I watched inside the cinemas: The Notebook. I miss the moviehouses! Time I need again!

I can't find a copy of ICON mag. I went to Glorietta last Saturday but I felt like looking for a diamond in a haystack. So, just this morning I asked a friend to buy me one in Filbar's-ATC since Peeju says that according to Angelo ICONs are only distributed to Filbar's for now.

Some thoughts are so bugging my head yesterday night. I entered the church to hear the last mass. I sat on a pew. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. Then I stormed out even before the mass began.

There are things so strong they make you weak.


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