Saturday, October 23, 2004

bloggerblocked and photopixels.

Blogger's block yeah! So let me just post some of my favorite digital shots long-collecting electronic dusts in the deep and dark recesses of my hard drive. As you probably know, I 'm a frustrated photographer. Oh no let's not call it a frustration. It's something I can still work on developing, right? Besides, for the fact that I take photos as I please I'm sorta kinda photographer na rin. Heck, but I want to make moonah out of it also and I want my photos reach as many eyes as possible. Talk about passions? Oh so very Oprah! Haha.

Okay let's get on with the shots.

Sky shot one noon on my way to munch my lunch.

I fave sky shots. The sky is always diverse, always changing, always leaving you a "feel" that's different from a previous "feel". You get two unique shots by shooting twice from the same angle with, say, 5-minute interval.

A sunset taken from an office window.

Here's another sky shot. When I look at sunset shots, I always find myself losing words. I dream of capturing as much sunset shots as possible. From different places around the globe. Now, traveling across timezones is a different dream altogether.

Tusokeus Plantenera, in other words, plant that is tusok-tusok.

Okay, I made that scientific name up. I don't actually know the name of this plant. It is just so pervasive around the office compound. They look like aloe veras but they're not, I guess.

Caylabne Beach, Cavite

Where we had our summer outing last May. Caylabne is one hell of a captivating looker. But it's one that you can't grab at once and be in bed with easily. The more or less 2-hour trip with 30 minutes of which spent on a very mountainous, cliffy and zigzag setting made Caylabne embody an dropdead hottie imposing his wooers to pay the price of hardwork to deserve him.

There. I wanted to post some more but it will make this post long enough to drag you. So... hmmm.... I dunno how to end this. Uhmmm... oh I got it... this... THE END. Perfect!


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