Thursday, October 28, 2004

sunday afternoon and latin american movies.

After what feels like eras ago since the last, I fin'lly got to click open my DVD-ROM and load some long-stacked, oh-well-bootleg-yeah-but-what-the-hell-it-kicks-ass kind of movies. That's all I needed to turn an idly bumming Sunday afternoon into a somewhat orgasmic, well-spent time.

The whole thing turned out to be a Long Live Latin American Filmmaking (or something like that) two-feature festival. Fahrenheit 9/11 was supposed to be included but curse piracy for making poor quality pirated products! My PC won't read the DVD. I had it returned but what they give me as a replacement still doesn't darn work.

So I ended up with, as I've said, two films: the Brazilian Cidade de Deus (City of God) by Katia Lund/Fernando Meirelles and the Mexican El Crimen del Padre Amaro (The Crime of Padre Amaro) by Carlos Carrera.

Here are my takes on 'em. Don't worry, these are spoiler-free munches. Fat-free even.

Cidade, as of this writing, is top 23 of IMDB's Top 250 Movies of All Time and it's been getting rave-oh-rave reviews. These reviews, I thought, live up in soaring heights with where I feasted my eyes on for two hours. I love films that give early generous treat to the audience with its opening. Grandiose, ball-grabbing screen starter. It can be with how they present the cast or how they lay down the foundation of the plot. Cidade's opening owned me with the first scene. Domesticated scenes that was miraculously turned into a chaotic, gripping kickstart. Not to mention, that the look and feel of the setting being introduced felt so Pinoy. With just the first few sequences, the camera was so already everywhere. The filmmakers gave their audience soon enough what they're about to experience. And it's like telling, This is what this stuff is made of, you should know what you're up to! Brave, brave filmmaking.

What you have at the back of your mind after being so absorbed with the movie's appetizers is one thing: consistency. And what the f*ck, Cidade delivered! Hence, the bravery! It was brave for them to give out a fine start to think that no waterfall approach will work; they have to be consistent althrough out. But as I've said, the movie delivers! Unwaveringly. After watching it, I remember what Jessica Zafra said in one of the articles in Twisted 6, Why is it that good movies are always about violence? If not violence, drugs? Cidade is, apparently, about both. Word-deprived, I wonder the same as Ms. Zafra as I stared at the rolling credits on my computer screen.

I temporarily emptied my head about Cidade after watching it; to give way to my next watch. Okay honestly, the very first reason why I bought Padre Amaro was -- need I say it? -- Gael Garcia Bernal. Oh boy! I am yet to see Y Tu Mama Tambien and Amores Perros though. This man really chooses his projects very well. Padre Amaro was no exception. With some flubs like some dragging scenes and predictable turn of events, I still think it's a good drama. Or maybe I'm just partial to this drop-dead hotness called Gael. But what can I do? Can't help it! I can't even give out a decent review of this film as what's in my mind is only Mr. Bernal's luscious screen presence. So before this becomes all too erotic, let's end it here. All I'm saying is that you would want to see this, if not for the dynamic and powerful characters in the movie, then at least just to see Gael bare-chested. Errr.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

bloggerblocked and photopixels.

Blogger's block yeah! So let me just post some of my favorite digital shots long-collecting electronic dusts in the deep and dark recesses of my hard drive. As you probably know, I 'm a frustrated photographer. Oh no let's not call it a frustration. It's something I can still work on developing, right? Besides, for the fact that I take photos as I please I'm sorta kinda photographer na rin. Heck, but I want to make moonah out of it also and I want my photos reach as many eyes as possible. Talk about passions? Oh so very Oprah! Haha.

Okay let's get on with the shots.

Sky shot one noon on my way to munch my lunch.

I fave sky shots. The sky is always diverse, always changing, always leaving you a "feel" that's different from a previous "feel". You get two unique shots by shooting twice from the same angle with, say, 5-minute interval.

A sunset taken from an office window.

Here's another sky shot. When I look at sunset shots, I always find myself losing words. I dream of capturing as much sunset shots as possible. From different places around the globe. Now, traveling across timezones is a different dream altogether.

Tusokeus Plantenera, in other words, plant that is tusok-tusok.

Okay, I made that scientific name up. I don't actually know the name of this plant. It is just so pervasive around the office compound. They look like aloe veras but they're not, I guess.

Caylabne Beach, Cavite

Where we had our summer outing last May. Caylabne is one hell of a captivating looker. But it's one that you can't grab at once and be in bed with easily. The more or less 2-hour trip with 30 minutes of which spent on a very mountainous, cliffy and zigzag setting made Caylabne embody an dropdead hottie imposing his wooers to pay the price of hardwork to deserve him.

There. I wanted to post some more but it will make this post long enough to drag you. So... hmmm.... I dunno how to end this. Uhmmm... oh I got it... this... THE END. Perfect!

Friday, October 22, 2004

ms. morissette once said...

I, recommend getting your heart trampled on to anyone, yeah
I, recommend walking around naked in your living room, yeah

You live, you learn. You love, you learn.
You cry you learn, you lose you learn
You bleed you learn, you scream you learn

I, recommend biting off more than you can chew to anyone
I, recommend sticking your foot in your mouth at any time

You love. You learn.

Monday, October 18, 2004

---quick--> raodnm t h o u g h t s

When you wake up 30 minutes late than your usual waking up time on a Monday morning, all you can munch is a quick breakfast. If after a long, tiring party night you still need to come to the office or school the following day, a quick slumber is all you need to withstand the day. When you wake up 30 minutes late on a Monday morning and last night you had a really long party night and you're still going to work or school AND you are horny, you'll grab your mate and run around a quickie.

You wanted to say so many incoherent things about yourself in just one post but you lack the time and the fleeting creativity to pull it off, you just do a quick, random post just like this.

I'm in a badminton craze once and again. Our company's joining this inter-company sort of a sportsfest and I'm playing in. I just got a new pair of Adidas badminton shoes. I've been treating my sneaker badly when I play using it.

I miss watching DVDs. I have City of God and Fahrenheit 9/11 linep up for a spin. Time I need!

It's amazing how you can be happy one second and feel the exact opposite the next and feel nice again later and be sad again not too long after. Cruel cycle of things.

I think I'm getting better with my smashing and dropping skills. What irks me is that the shuttlecock often hit the net when I smash with more force. I dunno. When you thought it will be a score, the stupid shuttle gets trapped by the darn net. Aaarrggh.

No matter how much you tell yourself that happiness is a personal, internal, it's-your-choice thing, you meet people whom you're going to depend your happiness on.

I crush the badminton buddy no more. He's gonna be my doubles partner in the competition though.

I miss my college dorm barkada. Tsk.

I love the Nivea Aftershave Balm. No more nicks after shaving. Teehee.

I'm bookless now. Well not really 'cause I borrowed an office friend's Calvin and Hobbes. It's a comic book about a stubborn but ever-so-witty toddler and his tiger stuff toy that turns to a real tiger when the two are just by themselves. Oh I love Calvin's personality. He's your stubborn kiddo who hates school and taking baths yet he's overflowing with brain and humor no 6-year old will have. And he wants to always be free from the imposing civilization he lives in. He enjoys loitering in the wildnerness, riding his cart off a hill, camping, time travelling (haha) and all those bumming stuff of course with his best buddy Hobbes. I wanna be Calvin when I grow... down!

There's this moneymaking opportunity that's brewing for me. Hmmm, I hope I hope!

I finished the last 200 pages or so of Angels and Demons in one night. Same thing that happened when I read The Da Vinci Code way back.

I want to buy The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album, dubbed as the best R&B album ever!

Last movie I watched inside the cinemas: The Notebook. I miss the moviehouses! Time I need again!

I can't find a copy of ICON mag. I went to Glorietta last Saturday but I felt like looking for a diamond in a haystack. So, just this morning I asked a friend to buy me one in Filbar's-ATC since Peeju says that according to Angelo ICONs are only distributed to Filbar's for now.

Some thoughts are so bugging my head yesterday night. I entered the church to hear the last mass. I sat on a pew. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. Then I stormed out even before the mass began.

There are things so strong they make you weak.

Thursday, October 14, 2004


I've always shelved posting my feeling-photographer shots here due to the tedious task of cropping, resizing and adjusting the photos I have. Not that I'm well-versed at Adobe Photoshop-ing pictures. My photo editing prowess is only limited to, ermm, well cropping, resizing, mixing brightness and contrast and some click-and-apply effects. In fact, there wasn't much editing done on the pictures below, mostly au naturel.

I enjoy shooting photos. There is ecstasy in capturing moments. Life becomes bigger than itself. The lifeless defies vitality and breathes. This post tries to depict the breathing lifeless.

The photos below were all taken through the digicam built-in with my cellphone. I am yet to get my real digital camera hopefully next year when my finances free up a bit. So here it is my feeling-photographer exhibit I dub as Contours.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

will you let me take more than a peek?

The most beautiful thing that ever happened to this unworthy soul.

Hey there, stranger!

Peej and I met yesterday at Festival Supermall in Alabang. He sure lives up to his punctuality slogan (written in his friendster profile), albeit he traveled twice as much time as mine. Black polo, orange bag, plastic ng odyssey. That's him.

Chicken in all its incarnations.

We dined in at Max's.

We both love chickens, anything chicken. So he had an idea. Whenever we go out, we would only eat in chicken restaurants or food chains until we've exhausted all of them. Max's. Kenny. KFC. Texas (meron pa daw nito sa Megamall sabi nya!). Popeye's. Anu pa ba?

I saw some college orgmates while we're dined in. Little introductions and there! He said he saw one of them throwing us a curious look. Nyehe.

SH will be very excited to go with you on that concert.

We were a bit late for the show. The Side A concert at Casino Filipino will start in 10 minutes but we were still unsuccessful at finding a cab to take us there. Festival happens to have a taxi request service. So there, they gave us a Revo at first but we transferred to a traditional-looking cab 'cause a 350 was just too soaring high. But then with the next cab, 250 was still pricey.

Anyway, from Muntinlupa we buzzed off to Parañaque on which way Peej noticed 7 (was that 7?) Chowking branches. Anyway, anyway!

We arrived at the casino past 9, with the front act already half their way with their pro-like performances. They happen to be employees of Casino Filipino who do regular gigs in one of their lounges there.

Then Side A silhouetted on the lowly-lit stage. And the woo-hoos began to surface.

After a few medleys when everybody was just beginning to heat up, there was a shaking on the floor. At that instant, it didn't occur to me that there is an earthquake. You see, I haven't really felt an earthquake yet. Never according to my conscious, present-state brain. You'll go, Who wouldn't know about that 1990 killer quake? But I just don't really remember the very moment when all the world around me was quivering then. I was in school then, in class maybe. What my memory quite vividly accounts is the total chaos after the tragedy.

It took me a second or two before it dawned on me that there was an earthquake. Especially when everybody got to their feet and rushed to the stampede. Peej and I stayed on our seats and he said I shouldn't panic. The trembling stopped but some people continued their ways out of the amphitheather possibly expecting an aftershock. Side A, on the other hand, without any tinge of fear in them, continued their rendering of Hands to Heaven. The words apt for the situation... As I watch you move.

The whole fright-factor just made the concert an even more enjoyable and memorable experience. It left me a bit dizzy though.

Gonna teach you places, like that romantic, secluded, grill bar

After the concert, as planned, we headed to Malate. He was my date-cum-tourguide that time of the night. He took me to The District, where he's supposed to take me had we met in Malate last Saturday. It was indeed cozy, conducive to conversations kind of ambience. Fighting off sleepiness and fatigue, we played 21 Questions which didn't really reach 21. 10-12 only, I guess. It got funny to a point that the questions went from weird to errm weirder to weirdest. Hehe. The likes of...

Why do you love chicken?

What are your going-to-bed rituals like?

How are you gonna blog about this date?

Hmmm, weird ba? Oh whatever! I can't remember anymore of them. But nah, there were pretty serious questions din naman. Shawarmas and iced teas kept us company. I found out he's a sucker for kebabs. Teehee.

After our final questions and after exhaustion was seeping in, we called the morning a night already. It was almost 3am then. But just when we thought the long night was over... it wasn't.

So, was that a bye-bye night-night already?

Along Taft, we waited for our bus. Mine arrived after some 15 minutes. As I got in and sitted, I checked the busmates to gather guts to bring out my celfone and beep Peej. Earlier as the bus approached, it was all fast and I wasn't able to say much parting words. So I texted him. He replied. I texted him again about his books I forgot to get from him. No reply. I did not worry 'cause I thought he was just keeping his phone safe in his pocket.

So I spanned the night to Alabang. Half-asleep in the bus, I almost got past the Alabang terminal had it not been for the movements of the people who were also alighting the bus there. In the jeepney on my way to our house, I did not have anymore luck. Lumampas na ko.

Dozed off for the past hour, I was awakened by a call. Surprisingly, because I am not normally roused by a ringing phone especially that I'm puyat. I looked at the phone's screen, squinting my eyes for vision. It was Peej calling. I rattled on my phone and said hello a couple of times without my clicking the answer key. Then the voice in other end cracked open- gasping, fearful and weeping. Peej was mugged. That moment, I lost all suspended sleep in my senses. All I can mutter was Oh my god!

Like him, I have never been held-up. And I could not imagine that happening to me. So I shared his horror of the event. I was guilty. I shouldn't have left him there, I told him. I was there comfortly logging Z's on my bed while he was there running to some bastard cops who chuckles their big abdomens out the moment they heard his cry for help. I was shamefaced. But as he said, there was nothing anymore we can do about it. Good heavens, he's safe. That's enough reason to be thankful.

The following daybreak, I called him (through his landline) to check things with him. There was still a hint of fright in his voice. I so wanted to console him and make him feel even a little better. If I can only take away that fear that bothers him, I will. Cliche yeah, but damn, I mean it!

He's fine now though. You go check out his blog.

Later, our lives are gonna change. I can feel it.

That fateful night! Unbelievable things happened in such a Whew! haste. But like what I said before, it made the entire experience all the more unforgettable. I remember some lines from Angels and Demons that go, when two souls go through a tribulation together both will have some exclusive, indelible spot in each other's hearts already.

(Updated October 11)

Monday, October 04, 2004

malate and its aftermath.

My Malate devirginization, despite some lameness, was still unforgettable. Who forgets his first time?

I really am not in the mood to write right now so pardon the lack of creativity in the succeeding crap. As I've mentioned in the previous post, there was a party in the office for the company's anniversary. Real, dancing party. So before I even hit Malate I was dripping with sweat. Thank goodness I shook booties in the office celebration 'cos no partying happened to me in the immortal gimmick zone of Manila.

I didn't roll the ball. I mean one of the office friends I'm with, who happen to be a Malate veteran, take the other friend and me to where he thought was fine with us. We were all planning about our possible itinerary on our way there. I even read aloud the guys' suggestions from my celfone. But to no avail, nothing of what was planned happened. Our first and last stop: Comic Lab. Alright, we had a good time. Laughing our asses out. Slurping on our chicken lollipops and SanMigs. But I was waiting for more to come as the night deepens. I don't mean getting laid or what. Just some more than comic entertainment.

We arrived at around 11 and left before 1. The PLU officemate with us has got to hit the sack early for his next day's work. And since I'm a rookie in the league, I can't stay there alone lest I risk getting lost.

This is where Peej comes in the scene. Yeah, I was supposed to hook up with the owner of the Bibe Chronicles. But due to the delayed and misunderstood messages, we didn't get to hang out. He's supposed to tour me around the, as he puts it, most secluded, romantic, secreted places Malate harbors. But we're still gonna do that some other time, right, SH? Here's to homeruns!

So there. Disappointing first time but I had fun. Especially with the blast I had in that comic place. Besides, there will be more next times. And it's bound to get better and better. Ayt, SH?

The hilarity didn't end there.

While in Biñan waiting for a ride to Sta. Rosa, somebody tried to pick me up. Wattafcuk! Time then was almost 2am I guess. 'Twas first time that it happened. I can't shove off the grin on my face. It was a weird moment. He said (the pickupper, hehe) it was the second time he saw me. And confirmed if I live in this and that. Then later, he asked if I don't mind talking to him. Not there but somewhere else. He fears that somebody might see him, he said. So he crossed the street. Like I was tranced, I followed him. Taking me to some building ruins or something. Watta? I thought for a moment that this must be some ill-willed guy who will demand for my wallet and celfone when he's built his borders. He was all the while holding his celfone and ramming on the keypads. For a split second, I was sure he's a bad guy. I needed to run away and leave in an instant. I was snaking my eyes across the vicinity to confirm my fear. There was none though. He asked if I've a place of my own. Smiling under my breath, I said none. Before I realize he was asking me to come to my house and damn talk. I'm kind of bored... I need to talk, he said. Yeah right! I said that's impossible. He then asked me to go somewhere again.

Some good 50 feet away from where we were standing, he headed to some dark parts of the area. This time I braved it by asking him if he intends to mug me. He said, of course not... I only want to, errr... talk. Alright, I said, seems harmless. But I was still apprehensive of the whole thing. Not my cup of tea, I realized. I felt some sort of ruth or sympathy (don't wanna use the word pity) towards this person. I mean, he was there lurking somewhere in the dark recesses of the town, at 2 in the morning, trying to what? Talk with someone? Hell no.

I was at a possibly 6-foot distance behind him. He sitted at a stair step in front of an abandoned restaurant. He motioned me to sit beside him. But I hesitated. I told him I'm okay standing up. He kept on repeating that he only wanted to talk to me and get to know me blahs. I stayed standing in front of him. He reached his right hand and told me his name. I accorded a handshake and gave him my name too. He didn't let go of my hand. He was sort of pulling me to sit beside him. I resisted, managing to laugh a little about this whole crazy thing. I'm really okay standing. And besides I couldn't stay long, I told him. I had a long night, am a little dizzy and a little sleepy, I need to be home soon. He stared at me. He told me it'll only take 20 minutes to talk and so and so. Let's go talk now, I said. But he wanted me to sit. I don't like to sit. I'm just not in the mood for what might happen.

I better go, I told him. Tone resolute. I just offered my number, he took it. He said he'll stay there alone. Then I left. On my way home, I couldn't qualify what I was feeling as I walk past the sideways. Did I hurt the guy? I'm sure I did. He was ringing my phone the other night. After a few seconds, he cut the call. I wish him well.

Friday, October 01, 2004

for the first time...

I'm off to Malate. Tomorrow night. Any suggestions dudes?


Postponed sana for the Saturday after next. But just this morning tuloy na ulit! Tonight. Yey! Our company is throwing a small party later this afternoon for its anniversary celebration. Attend muna kami dun... then off we glide to the parteeeh district.

Yeapp tennister, it's so gonna be my first time. Feeling ko tuloy ako si JM sa Out. Hehe. Chuayjai and I are Malate-virgins. Hee!

Bels, Hobbit Hideaway? I'm sort of annoyed to anything hobbit as that's how I call my boss when he squeezes in to my nerve: a hobbit. Good heavens, he has resigned effective yesterday. Anyway going back to the hobbit place, I am no billiards or darts guy but we'll see, the glass window overlooking the performers seems nice. We'll try to drop by. Thanks Bels.

Garppp, Bocobo's Cognac, hmmm. Be checking that out. Drinking in the streets sounds fun. Try namin. Heck with the cops. Haha. Thanks garpppy garppp.

Boi_bitch, did you just say pretty boys? Where where where? Since it will be my first time there, I'll try to bring home my souvenir. Or souvenirs. Thanks dude.

Peej, I happen to be looking for all of that. Drinks, dancing and guys. Hehe. But I don't think I'm up for the PWU types of guys. Hehe. Bocobo, Neutral Grounds and Bed will be on the itinerary. Wink. Thanks a lot, Peej. Takot ako mangimbayt, newbie lang ako e. Baka iligaw nyo ko. Hehe. Aight, expect an update next week. Pramis!

Angelo, first time indeed! I will have fun. I need to. I see this is going to be a full-packed night for me and my company. Dami namin pupuntahan. Hehe. I'm adding Komiks and Breton now to my list. Sana lang we'll have enough money and energy to satiate us. Thanks angelo.

I'm scribbling all those places' names on the archives of my celfone. Teehee.

To all of you brothers, salamat sa mga suggestions at sa suporta. Drama! I want tonight to be nothing short of fun and good time. With your words guys, it's half-fulfilled.